Sports Crusaders provides quality sports camps for children and youth. We offer skill-enhancing camps in four sporting endeavors:

Basketball  |  Soccer  |  Cheerleading  |  Volleyball  |  Baseball/Softball

What will you find in our camps?

Stretching – we don’t want any injuries!
Skill time – breakdown the fundamentals of the skill of the day.
Half-Time – time set aside to instruct the kids on improving as an athlete and as a Christian.
Skills Enhancement – drills that implement the skill of the day.
Games – We don’t keep score, but we do keep “Big Dog” points!

Since Sports Crusader camps began in 1994 there have been more than 3000 camps and 52,943 children attending these camps. More than 6,108 have made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior meaning 1 out of 8 campers have made a profession of faith.

Although our camps are comparable in quality and content of those offered by collegiate programs, what sets us apart is our staff. These college-aged Christian coaches are dedicated to helping young people develop their athletic skills, as well as their relationship with Christ.

Coaches spend time each day in what is called “half time” teaching the campers to apply God’s Word in their sport and in their lives. Most importantly, campers are presented with the gospel message and given the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.