On Mission Through Sports


Over 55,000 Students Reached

Our Mission

In 30 years of ministry, Sports Crusaders has made a significant impact with over 55,000 campers, distributing more than 60,000 bibles, and witnessing 6,266 professions of faith at our U.S. camps. Furthermore, our dedicated team has formed strong partnerships with over 400 local churches, while also inspiring over 50 Sports Crusader alumni to pursue full-time ministry positions.


Over 30 years, Sports Crusaders has welcomed 55,034 campers into a world where sports and faith intersect, offering them not just skills in the game but also guiding them towards a deeper spiritual journey with over 60,000 Bibles distributed.

6,000 Professions

Witness the power of faith in action with 6,266 individuals making professions of faith through U.S. camps. Our partnership network has grown to 407 local churches, underlining our commitment to spreading hope and building communities.

50+ Leaders

From our ranks, over 50 Sports Crusader alumni have been inspired to serve in full-time ministry positions, showcasing the lasting impact of our programs on individuals and communities alike.

Get Involved

Host a Sports Camp

Sports Crusaders partners with churches to provide quality sports camps for children and youth. We offer skill-enhancing camps in five sporting endeavors: basketball, soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, and baseball/softball. Click to learn more.

Host a Rec Camp

We understand the need that camp directors have when staffing summer camps for their students. Who will come do the recreation that we can trust? For many years now, Sports Crusaders has filled this gap for a few associations. In 2017, we launched our first “Camp Team” to work at Associational and Church camps. Click to learn more.

International Missions

International missions has been a vital part of Sports Crusaders since its founding. Christian athletes are trained to be prepared for all opportunities that arise. On many occasions, they have had opportunities to serve overseas during their summer mission commitment. Click to learn more.

eSports Camps

Are you interested in hosting eSports events to engage with the gaming community of your students? In 2023, we embarked on a new endeavor to connect with diverse communities and students alike, leading us to launch our first eSports camps and tournaments.

Summer Camps


Exploring New Paths

Consider enriching your summer and future by engaging in missions, teaching, coaching, or recreational ministry. These avenues offer unique opportunities to shape lives and communities.

Unity in Ministry

Share your athletic talents to spread the Gospel. A ten-week full-time ministry journey becomes more profound when shared with friends and teammates, fostering a united effort in spreading Christ’s message.

Joining a Legacy

Sports Crusaders invites you to be part of a 30-year tradition of recreational ministry, having reached over 50,000 students globally, with a significant number embracing faith. This is a chance to contribute to a lasting legacy.


“As I look back on the summer of 2019, one verse continues to come to mind: ‘I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth’ – 1 Corinthians 3:6. I am a very results-driven person, which can be very frustrating when I only get to interact with these kids for a week at a time. Each day I had to remind myself that I have been called to faithfully preach the Word of God, but it is God who gives the growth, not me. God showed up. I saw kids in tears because of the sadness of their sin or the hardships they were experiencing. I had a young girl who said she doesn’t trust any man’ profess Jesus as her savior. Each and every week I got to watch myself and my fellow coaches plant and water, and each and every week I got to see God give the growth.”

Chandler Olmsted

“I had no idea the impact that Sports Crusaders would have on my life this summer. I committed my summer to ministering to kids and youth through sports and recreation. This was definitely accomplished, but I wasn’t expecting the immense spiritual growth in my life during this season. Being on a team with other crusaders gave me the opportunity for fellowship with other believers who shared similar interests. It allowed me to be spiritually refreshed after pouring out to the kids at the camps we traveled to. Throughout the summer, God was faithful by equipping me with the tools to share the love of Jesus with those around me.  It was unquestionably worth all those early mornings, sweating through outdoor activities, and feeling exhausted but accomplished at the end of the day.

Claudia Nichols

“My time with Sports Crusaders was very memorable to say the least. The friendships made will never be broken (plus I met my wife). I worked for Sports Crusaders for 5 summers. I had an absolute blast with every summer I came back. I learned so much about my faith and grew so spiritually. This past summer felt more real than any other summer doing these camps. The interactions with the kids and the adults were genuine conversations. Every week was breathtaking in extraordinary ways. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for any other opportunity. Sports Crusaders is one of the greatest places to work. You feel loved and taken care of. Each and every board member and director of the organization really embodies the love of Jesus. They show you how we as Christians are supposed to act. I have loved every summer doing these camps. I don’t regret a single thing. Thank you, Sports Crusaders. CRUSADERS FOR LIFE!!”

Tim Sadler

The summer of 2021 challenged me in ways I didn’t expect. But even more so, my faith was strengthened in ways I hadn’t experienced before. God used Sports Crusaders to show me just how much more He has for me. This organization has a special, continually-growing place in my heart not just because of what it’s done for me, but because of what it will continue to do for the Kingdom. Being able to have a blast with kids, form special relationships, teach sports, and share Jesus is an absolutely amazing thing. Our summer began with the challenge to fix our eyes on Jesus alone, setting distractions aside to focus on the true task at hand. We traveled around this summer with great news to deliver! But, I had to understand that God doesn’t need my help. It is a blessing to have the chance to be a vessel in planting seeds! Thank you, Lord, for SportsCrusaders!

Emma Anderson