on mission through sports


Recreational Camp

Our camps are staffed by dedicated, college-age athletes who are not just passionate about sports but are also committed to sharing their faith. These individuals are carefully selected to ensure that they meet our rigorous standards:

  • A strong, demonstrable faith in Jesus Christ and a willingness to share it.
  • Athletic ability coupled with a genuine love for working with children.
  • Participation in a comprehensive training program alongside their peers.

We tailor our programs to fit the unique needs of each camp, ensuring that every participant gets the most out of their experience. Whether it’s team sports, individual activities, or faith-based discussions, our camps provide a well-rounded experience that promotes both physical health and spiritual well-being.

Schedule a Camp

Ready to bring a Sports Crusaders recreational camp to your community? Our flexible programs can be adapted to fit the schedule and structure of your existing camp, or we can help you design a new camp from the ground up. For more information on scheduling and planning your next recreational camp, please visit our Recreation Team Planning Guide.

Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes through the power of sports and faith. Let’s work together to create a camp experience that’s both enriching and unforgettable.

Camp Preparations

Churches or communities book a team, promote, and prepare for the camp.

Church participation

Involves logistics support like providing housing, meals, facilities, and promoting the camp within the community and church, ensuring a successful and impactful camp.

Effective Camps

Their effectiveness is rooted in faith, prayer, and a commitment to sharing the gospel, blending sports training with spiritual growth.

Camp Host Responsabilities

As a host for a Sports Crusaders Camp, there are specific responsibilities to ensure the camp’s success. This includes:

  • Promoting the camp within the community, especially focusing on reaching children who have not yet had the opportunity to attend such programs.
  • Providing accommodations and meals for the staff team from Sunday evening until Friday lunch
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate facilities and equipment for the chosen sport
  • Making sure all participants’ parents or guardians complete necessary medical, liability, and image release forms
  • Send a representative to a mandatory training session
  • Meet a minimum camper registration based on the sport
  • Cover the base payment plus an additional fee for each camper beyond the base number.

Finally, the importance of surrounding the event with prayer, both individually and through church support, is emphasized to ensure a meaningful impact on the campers’ lives.